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Azadircta indica




Nimba, Arista



Neem, margosa

Latin name


Azadircta indica





Morphology : A medium to large sized tree. The entire tree is bitter to taste (except fruit). The leaves are crowded at the branch tips. The leaves are divided into 7 pairs of leaflets. The leaflets are dark green, glossy, sickle shaped with toothed margin. The flowers are sweet scented, white or pale-yellow, and arranged in clusters. The fruits are fleshy drupe. The fruit pulp is sweet to taste. The stem bark is rough, dark grey and appears like crocodile back. The wood is reddish brown.



   Ayurvedic Pharmacodynamic properties:



Tikta (bitter), Kashaya (astringent)



Laghu (light)



Shita (cold)



Katu (pungent)



Kapha-Pitta Shamaka










Useful parts


Pushpa, Patra, Twak, Beeja, Taila.

Medicinal uses


Stem is bitter coolent, anthelminthic, antiperiodic and astringent. It is a powerful blood purifier. It rehabilitates vitiated pitta and kapha and is useful in intestinal worms, impurity of blood, eye diseases, intermittent fevers, thirst, vomiting, general debility, diabetes, leprosy, skin diseases, ulcers and insect poisons. Seed oil is used as application in ulcers, chronic skin diseases itch and rheumatism. 



Twak Churna (powder) 2-4 gm; Swarasa (juice)10-20 ml; taila 5-10 drops.

Important formulations


Nimbadi Churna (powder), Nimbarishta, Nimbakhadira Khanda.

Home remedies:

  1. 5-10 gm powder of its bark is so beneficial in Vishama Jwara (Malaria).
  2. Intake of 20 ml decoction of its bark is much beneficial in various skin disorders like eczema, itching, pimples, wound etc.
  3. Intake of its bark powder also helps to reduce the blood sugar level.


Neem has strong antiparasitisic qualities & is a powerful blood purifier. As such it also clears the digestive tract of parasites and toxins. It has a long history of outstanding results for all kinds of skin problems, even leprosy.

Neem leaf powder helps to prevent diseases like diabetes and hypertension, lowers the levels of blood sugar and cholesterol. It is an excellent antiseptic for the teeth & gums. It is analgesic and antipyretic. It cleans away all foreign and excess tissue, and possesses a supplementary astringent action that promotes healing.


Other clinical studies show that Nimba has a specific antibody response against carcinoembryonic antigen. This unique property of neem may be utilized for the immunotherapy of CEA positive tumors. A research team has evaluated antibacterial, antisecretory and antihemorrhagic activity of Azadirachta indica used to treat cholera and diarrhea in India. The results obtained in this study give some scientific support to the uses of neem employed by the indigenous people in India employed for the treatment of diarrhea and dreadful disease cholera.


Neem leaf preparation enhances Th1 type immune response and anti-tumor immunity against breast tumor associated antigen. It also provide Cardioprotective, hepatoprotective and larvicidal effects.

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